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Available from any Internet connection. Have your library card handy – it is your “ID number.”

  Freading offers fiction and non-fiction books that can be found by searching for a title, author or by browsing through 50 subject categories.Every Monday morning, you are given 5 download tokens. Each e-book download uses between 1 and 4 tokens, depending on demand for the book. Unused tokens rollover to the next week, but all tokens reset to 5 again every four weeks.Freading e-books check out for 2 weeks, at which point they can be renewed for another two weeks. Renewals for the newest titles cost one download token, but older books renew for no cost.Freading is currently not compatible with the Kindle e-reader, although it is compatible with the Kindle Fire.
  DigitalLibraryNJ offers both e-books and downloadable audiobooks; content includes popular fiction, non-fiction, and technical titles. Many DigitalLibraryNJ titles are available in both EPUB and Kindle formats.
 OCD_Lib_Button OneClickdigital offers primarily downloadable audiobooks. The e-book collection is new and is currently limited to a small number of classic titles. Audiobook content includes popular fiction and non-fiction as well as about 250 classic titles. Non compatible with Kindle e-readers.
  Zinio For Libraries offers access to over 50 magazines. You can quickly and easily download them to your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone. Instructions here.

****NOTE**** The Zinio link has changed. If you were a previous Zinio for Libraries user, you will need to “re-authenticate” your account to access the new magazines as well as your old content. Click on the Zinio link to the left, then click on “Create New Account” in the upper right-hand of the screen. Enter your library card number. Fill in the account information using the same information you initially used to set up your account. You should be all set!


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